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Information Desk
Personal Quote: The best hand, is a helping hand
Please note, this is NOT official help, and we are NOT a club so please don't ask to join.

:bulletgreen: NyssaCreative here. Yes, it has been a very, very long time since I have updated. I thought, though, that it was time to come over and fix up a few things and start on what I promised. Yes, the new sections which never came. I have been distracting with other things recently, but I am now getting stuck into the new sections as we speak. Keep your eyes out for them.

:bulletred: There will be some new updates coming very, very soon. Such things as a Tutorials and Resources section, which in theory will contain some of the best tutorials and resources around deviantART.

New FAQ's Coming Soon
:pointr: Subscribers
:pointr: Rip Reporting

Other Sections Coming Soon
:pointr: Resources
:pointr: Tutorials
:pointr: Places of Interest for New Deviants

:bulletgreen: We are urging people to let us know if you want ANYTHING else covered in our gathering of information. While information is still being collected while new features and rules are being implemented into deviantART, we would still like to hear from the people of deviantART. Send a note if you feel anything you need clarification on needs to be added.

This account has been created in the best interests of new (and old) deviantART members. The purpose is to create a place for people to come and learn how most things around deviantART run.
After spending hours in the Shoutbox and looking around the site, we noticed that a lot of people are asking how to do this and that. This is what the Information Desk is about. Helping those to learn "how to".

If you have any questions that are not featured here, feel feel to send us a note and we'll cover your questions as best as we possibly can. Please acknowledge that we do not have the power to enforce bannings and/or warnings, but if you have any questions regarding violations and/or bannings, contact us and we'll find out as much information as we can. Your best bet would be reading the deviantART Policies, which you can find in the "deviantART Official Information" further down on this page.

If you want a quick reply to a question, please see our Staff and Help list below and send one of them a note! Beside each name you will find different aspects of deviantART that they can help you with.

All information is based on personal knowledge and if something is not completely correct, we apologise. We'll do our best to keep everything correct.

Thanks for stopping by -
Information Desk Staff

You may contact any of the following deviants in regards to the following:

KylieKeene : General deviantART Help
NyssaCreative : General deviantART Help

ashwynmayr : ID's, Avatars, General Help (speaks Spanish/English)
TheTruthfulLiar : Photography, Wallpapers, Digital Art, 3d Design
nightmare-flavoured- : General deviantART Help, deviantPrints
newklear : deviantART Issues, Submission problems and other
diosaperdida : Submissions, Community, Policy and Violations
futurethoughts : deviantPrints, Poetry, Prose, Wallpapers
ViperGTS : Submission problems and similar problems
sapphiretiger : deviantPrints, General deviantART Help
dreamheaven : General deviantART Help
xnightvixenx : Community, Submissions
gauravpatel : General deviantART Help
b33lz3bub : General deviantART Help
blueskys : Submissions, Community
agitation : General deviantART Help
honeyb : Forums & Shoutbox
mccarob-bvu : deviantPrints
vozz : DeviantPrints

TheTruthfulLiar, pamelaski, Heartless-Goddess, femdrag0n

Status Forum
:pointr: Nearby Deviants; the geoURL replacement. A great improvement.
:pointr: Unsolicited Spam; this is still an important issue. Do you spam? You should read this.

Your Account
Policies & Violations
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Reporting Ripped Art -Coming Soon
Subscribers -Coming Soon

Coming in a week...

Know any good tutorials for beginners to experienced for any programs? Let us know with a link and short description. Any resources will be of help as well.

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+ Forums
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+ Statistics
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+ About

- Mini FAQ
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- DA Journal Pictures Help

+ smurphy - 2x 3 months subscription
+ flameturret - Temporary Help
+ splat - Old avatar
+ glue - New avatar

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DarlinDorable Featured By Owner Edited Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I don't know if you are answering questions, but I just wanted to ask something. On peoples accounts there is usually a little quote under their name. How do you put the quote there??
wagner-fsoares Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010
Same black line here problem
SoleWolf Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
I have a problem -.-
Every time i send in a picture, this giant line goes straight across the page. It only comes up when you click on it to make it bigger!
And it's not on my original.
And it's ruining my work.
If you could help this would be great.
weknow Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
wow im the first man who gave this info desk llama, amazing
FaRReR Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010
frozenpandaman Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008  Student General Artist
glue Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2007
Wow, you are crazy good!
Waiting for your next work!
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